Test Projects & Results

Our team focuses on field-based studies on evaluation of strategies to prevent, detect, or manage infectious diseases under commercial conditions.
Please find below links for material about recently completed and ongoing projects on disease prevention, disease detection, and disease management respectively.
Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, or need any clarification regarding any of the projects.

Disease Prevention (Biosecurity)

Title Links to materials
Measuring biosecurity vulnerability Silva et al., General biosecurity scoring system. Preventive Veterinary Medicine.
Silva et al., 2019 AASV Biosecurity scoring systems.
Linhares et al., 2019 AVIA conference: Applications for comprehensive and/or simplified biosecurity scoring systems in swine breeding herds.
Silva et al., 2018 AASV annual meeting proceedings
Silva et al., Development and validation of a scoring system to assess the relative vulnerability of swine breeding herds to the introduction of PRRS virus. Prev Vet Med 2018.
Silva et al., Biosecurity at your hands: measure risks to control losses. National Hog Farmer. Oct, 2018.
Identifying biosecurity aspects associated with PRRS outbreaks: minimum number of questions that when combined give great correlation w/ frequency of outbreaks Silva et al., 2018 ISU McKean slides

Disease Detection (Monitoring and Surveillance Systems)

Title Links to materials
Swine Disease Reporting System (aggregated data from 4 major VDLs): reporting, and detecting changes in patterns over time, age group, region, specimens, and pathogen sub-type. Linhares et al., 2019 Mexico. Macro-epidemiological aspects of major pathogens affecting the US swine industry.
Trevisan et al., 2019 AASV poster: Cyclic regression models for PRRS, PED, Delta.
Trevisan et al., 2018 Leman Pre-Conference slides
Trevisan et al., 2018 ISU James McKean conference slides
Reports available at: SHIC website
Online dashboards available here.
Field epidemiology on non-conventional VDL cases: understanding the meaning of detecting PAstV3, PSV, PTV, APPV 2018 Leman Conference poster
Ecology of type I PRRSv in Europe Torrents et al., 2018 AASV meeting
Oral fluids-based slaughter surveillance
Almeida et al., 2016 ISU James McKean conference slides
Almeida et a., National Hog Farmer 2017.
Almeida et al., Assessment of abattoir based monitoring of PRRSV using oral fluids. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2018.
Almeida et al., 2018 AASV annual meeting (Monitoring and Surveillance Systems workshop)
Processing fluids: series of studies from lab to the field: PRRS / PED / PCV2
Lopez et al., PRRS monitoring using PF. 2017 Journal of Swine Health and Production.
Lopez et al., Monitor herds for PRRS using processing-fluids samples. 2018 National Hog Farmer.
Linhares et al., 2018 Leman Conference slides
Lopez et al., 2018 Leman conference poster
Lopez et al., 2018 ISU McKean conference: pooling effect, by Lopez et al.
Trevisan et al., PF applications. 2018 McKean Workshop on Disease Monitoring
Trevisan, Robbins, et al., Processing fluid PCR for PRRSV may help sort for performance. National Hog Farmer. Dec 04, 2018.
Lopez et al., Pooling PF may increase probability of PRRS virus detection by qPCR. National Hog Farmer. Dec 31, 2018.
Family oral fluids (FOF) for improved PRRS detection in due-to-wean pigs
2018 Leman Conference slides
2018 AASV presentation (Monitoring and Surveillance Systems)
2018 McKean Workshop on Disease Monitoring: FOF applications by Almeida et al.
2018 ISU McKean Conference: summary field studies on FOF, by Almeida et al.
Instructions to collect FOF under field conditions
Automated, ongoing monitoring of production data
Silva et al., Monitoring breeding herd production data to detect PRRSV outbreaks. 2017. Preventive Veterinary Medicine.
Silva et al., 2018 AASV annual meeting slides.
General recommendations on disease surveillance using a combination of methods described above Trevisan et al., AASV 2019: applications of PF, FOF, OF for disease monitoring and classification.
Linhares et al., 2019. AASV PRRS Task Force meeting: PF for screening, FOF for confirming… some data and thoughts on pooling FOF samples.
Linhares et al., 2019 AVIA conference: Overview and applications of population-based monitoring protocols for PRRSv detection in breeding herds.
Patterns of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae detection by PCR in cases submitted to the ISU-VDL from 2004-2016 Rawal et al., AASV 2018
Rawal et al., National Hog Farmer 2017.
Rawal et al., JSHAP 2018


Disease Management (Control / Elimination)

Title Links to materials
Economic benefit of eliminating Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Linhares et al., 2017 Leman Conference slides.
Silva, Yeske, et al., 2019. Prev Vet Med paper.
Field studies on best PRRS management practices [breeding herds] Rawal et a., 2019. AASV: Description of production impact of breeding herds exposed to KV vaccine compared to MLV vaccine after PRRS outbreak.
2017 Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Conference slides: Update on PRRS stability studies…and quick updates on PRRS detection and biosecurity
2014 Linhares et al Prev Vet Med: Comparison of time to PRRSv-stability (TTS) and production losses (TTBP and Total loss) between two exposure programs (LVI and MLV) to control PRRSv in sow herds
2015 Linhares et al: economic model on MLV vs LVI, and on the value of prior immunity
2017 Linhares et al: TTS and TTBP of outbreaks with 1-7-4 PRRSV
Comparison of PRRS vaccination of growing pigs under field conditions Moura et al., AASV 2019: production and economics of vaccinating growing pigs at high pig density twice with PRRS MLV.
Moura et al. Economic and production benefit of 2 PRRS MLV doses compared to a single dose vaccination program on nursery pigs. Leman conference 2018.
Moura et al. Effect of 2 PRRS MLV doses compared to a single dose vaccination program on growing pig performance. 2018 ISU McKean conference slides.
Moura et al., Production Benefit of Two PRRS MLV Doses Compared to a Single Dose Vaccination Program on Nursery Pigs. 2018 ISU McKean conference proceedings.
Dynamics of wild type PRRS infection in vaccinated growing pig flows 2019 Moura et al AASV
Effect of whole-herd health & production data on growing pig performance Linhares et al. Assessing impact of 1-7-4 on wean to finish pig health. Leman conference 2015.
2018 Moura et al. Predicting finishing mortality: effect of whole-herd health and production parameters.
2018 Moura et al., manuscript in prep.
Field studies with MJ technology (PRRS typing and immunization) 2018 Rawal et al., Leman conference
2018 Rawal et al., ISU McKean conference
Impact of MLV on breeding herd productivity, and on downstream flow Moura et al., Immediate production impact following PRRSV MLV vaccination on infected breeding herds. Leman Conference 2018.

2019 Moura et al AASV

Emerging diseases investigation:
Porcine astrovirus type 3 emerging cause of neurologic disease in swine
Rawal et al., 2019 – ISU Graduate and Professional Students Annual Conference – Epidemiology and pathophysiology of porcine astrovirus type 3.
Rawal et al., AASV 2019. Poster Astrovirus type 3 field epidemiology.
Rawal et al., National Hog Farmer. 2018

Other presentations:
Iowa State University Workshop on Precision Livestock Farming (Ames, IA. Dec 6, 2018): Linhares et al., 2018