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For Graduate Education:

Join Iowa State University for your graduate education on Preventive Veterinary Medicine, or Population Sciences in Animal Health!

  • Iowa is #1 (US) in pork, egg, corn & soybeanproduction. Also top 10 in sheep, beef, turkey and milk production.
  • Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine (VDPAM) department, with budget of approximately $28 million and its 53 faculty and 137 staff are committed to supporting sustainable food animal agriculture
  • VDPAM research programs include ~$19.5 million of funded grants
    • Infectious diseases, theriogenology, toxicology, welfare, diagnostics, public health
  • Teamwork with USDA, industry partners, commodity groups and associations…
  • The ISU Vet Diagnostic Lab (VDL) is USA #1 in case numbers & revenues
    • VDL faculty are leaders in applied research (recent examples, 1stto detect & develop diagnostic tools for PEDv, pioneer oral fluids testing)
  • The most comprehensive food animal curriculum of all 30 US CVMs
    • 76 VDPAM courses, emphasizing teaching in the most progressive livestock systems
    • Over 50% of ISU students track mixed or food animal medicine
    • Home of “Diseases of Swine” book, Biosecurity assessment systems, Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC), Center for Food Security and Public Health.
  • You…. come and join us, be part of this story!


VDPAM offers graduate programs on the Certificate, Masters, and PhD levels:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Megan Jedlicka
VPM Graduate Program Coordinator
Iowa State University
1226 Field Services Building
1712 S Riverside Dr
Ames, IA 50011