Swine Disease Reporting System


SHIC-funded, veterinary diagnostic laboratories (VDLs) collaborative project, with goal to aggregate swine diagnostic data from participating reporting VDLs, and report in an intuitive format (web dashboards), describing dynamics of disease detection by pathogen or disease syndrome over time, specimen, age group, and geographical space. Data is from the Iowa State University VDL, South Dakota State University ADRDL, University of Minnesota VDL and Kansas State University VDL. Specifically, for PRRSV RFLP data and syndromic dashboards, the results are from Iowa State University VDL.

Deliverables: The SDRS project summarizes major findings in monthly reports, which are available in the link: under the Domestic Disease Monitoring Reports. Also, interactive dashboards are updated on a monthly basis, and available on this website.

Interactive web-portal: You can access the full content of the project by clicking on the following Microsoft Power BI dashboards below:

In April of 2019 we started recording short podcasts to discuss/share the key points of the monthly reports.
Please find below the link for the podcasts:

Podcast for the April 2019 report (#14).

Podcast for the May 2019 report (#15).

Podcast for the June 2019 report (#16).

Podcast for the July 2019 report (#17).

Specific pathogens dashboards:

PEDV, PDCoV, and TGEV dashboard

PRRSV dashboard

PRRSV RFLP type dashboard

MHP dashboard

Disease syndrome dashboards:

Contact us: For questions regarding the SDRS project please contact Giovani Trevisan ( or Daniel Linhares (