Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring Program

This is project funded by the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC), which consists of a collaboration among multiple VDLs in the USA. The project has the goal to aggregate swine diagnostic data and report in an intuitive formats (web dashboards and monthly PDF report), describing dynamics of pathogen detection by PCR-based assays over time, specimen, age group, and geographical area. Data is from the Iowa State University VDL, South Dakota State University ADRDL, University of Minnesota VDL and Kansas State University VDL. Specifically, for PRRSV RFLP data and syndromic dashboards, the results are from Iowa State University VDL.


  • Iowa State University: Giovani Trevisan*, Edison Magalhães, Leticia Linhares, Bret Crim, Poonam Dubey, Kent Schwartz, Eric Burrough, Phillip Gauger, Pablo Pineyro, Christopher Siepker, Rodger Main, Daniel Linhares**.
  • University of Minnesota: Mary Thurn, Paulo Lages, Cesar Corzo, Jerry Torrison.
  • Kansas State University: Rob McGaughey, Eric Herrman, Giselle Cino, Jamie Henningson.
  • South Dakota State University: Jon Greseth, Travis Clement, Jane Christopher-Hennings.

* Giovani Trevisan: Project coordinator. E-mail:
** Daniel Linhares: Principal investigator. E-mail:

Advisory Council:

The advisory group reviews the data to discuss it and provide their comments to try to give the data some context and thoughts about its interpretation: Clayton Johnson, Emily Byers, Mark Schwartz, Paul Sundberg, Paul Yeske, Rebecca Robbins, Tara Donovan, Deborah Murray, Scott Dee, Melissa Hensch.

Monthly reports:

The Domestic Swine Pathogen Monitoring Program monthly reports are available at the SHIC website:

PEDV, PDCoV, and TGEV dashboard

PRRSV dashboard

PRRSV RFLP type dashboard

MHP dashboard

Enhanced dashboards for detection of PRRSV, M. hyopneumoniae, and Enteric Coronaviruses (PEDV, PDCoV, and TGEV)

Pathogen detection and monitoring at the state level